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Shuichi Shindou's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Shuichi Shindou

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STUPID HIRO [31 Dec 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Dudedudedude! You'll never guess who left me a message on my phooooneee.~ HIRO. THAT BASTARD. Leaves for, like, EVER, and then just calls like it's nothing while I'm out with Yuki! >___>!!11 What is up with that? I didn't even get half of what he was saying, but I could totally tell it was him.

jsdklgjl;dfgjdlk;hdfh. gsdfljgdf. flsdjg. lsdg. Hirooooo. Come baaackkkk. Bad Luck can't become famous if you're off running around stupidly! >O *rawr* I mean itttt.


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Stuff is fuuuuuuuuun.~ [27 Dec 2005|03:18pm]
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had the BESTEST OF ALL TIMES EVER!! Omg! It was totally fun! Yuki got mad but I think he was actually having some fun, tooo.~ And I don't just mean with all of that perverted stuff, either... I mean, we were, like, having fun! I was so happy to see Yuki smiling, even though I think he was trying to hide it. <333 He's so sweeeeeeet.~

I found one of my lost Nittle Grasper CD's yesterday! I was so super-happy! I thought it was gone forever, and no stores had it! I mean, I can completely understand that Sakuma-san is famous and everyone wants his music, because he's SO AMAZING, but I was really sad that I couldn't get it anywhere!

And. Now that the holidays are almost over, we really should have a concert. I know I've just been kinda blowing it off, but that's 'cause Mr. Sakano has been busy with other things and hasn't had a lot of time to promote Bad Luck. :( :( And he yells at me for slacking off! What does he know, anyway?

--Shu who wants a concertttt

[ OOC: Modsssss. xD Okay, well, I'm actually really hoping that I could do this concert-thing. But there are, like... no other Gravi members except for Yuki. TT___TT; So I've been kind of waiting and hoping that a Hiro will come along... Maybe I just need to advertise. <333 OH, and, I'm up for a log anytime. :O bIindeddarknessx or RikuxSoraForever.~ ]
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[25 Dec 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


It's Christmas! Finally, it's Christmas!

I got Yuki lots of stuff. And I'm spending the entire day with him, too! He cannot escape me! >D He is mineminemineminemineeee! FOREVER! AHAHAHA. *is having waaaaayy too much fun*

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! :):):) I HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAVING AS MUCH FUN AS I WILL BEEEE.~~~

--Shuuuuuuu... inasantahat

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Lalalaaaa~! [12 Dec 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | creative ]

WOAH, did you see all of that tournament-y stuff?! It's so cool! I wish I could fight! I mean, I can, and no one can get in Shuichi's way!!111, but all of those people are NASTY. It almost inspires me to write a song.

As for Yuki? I dunno if he's interested or not. One minute he's watching it and the next he's telling me to shut up when I bring up the subject. *sobs* He's so hard to understand.

But so pretty!

I could have sworn I saw Hiro wandering outside, but I was too busy with Yuki to follow him. :| Isn't that sad?! Stupid Hiro! I need to talk to him, and he's too busy to call me! Shows what a best friend he is!



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[03 Dec 2005|03:48pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Woo! I was so wrapped up in everything that I forgot about December coming along yesterday! It's getting cold out and stuff, so I think I'll go out and get a jacket soon. Maybe in orange. Orange is a happy color.

And December means Christmas! I hope I can just spend the entire holiday with Yuki. Just us... alone... *_* *dreamy eyes*

OHOHOH!! There should be a party. I swear, if I ever get a hold of Hiro, we are going to throw a party.

FJDSKLGJLSJgfsdg. AND A CONCERT! We should do a concert! A Bad Luck concert! It would be great for us! Everyone loves music around the holidays, and we need promotion, so I think we should. Only if stupid Hiro comes around sometime soon. :|

But. Butbut. That would so work. Man, we've gotta do it now. I should start planning! *does*


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*jams* [27 Nov 2005|11:54am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Eeeek. This time I think I really made Yuki mad. I forgot all about his novelthing that's supposed to be done soon. Umm.

So, I'm going to head out~ Maybe I'll run into Hiro or something. I want to talk to him about writing a new song! The Rage Beat is, of course, the best song ever, but we need something fresh, too. <3333 Hope he's up for it!

Since I aaam going out and all, I think I'll take my Nittle Grasper CD with me. :D *scurries around looking for it*

fjklsdgjfdsg. OH, here it is! Yes! I knew I'd find it! *puts it into CD player and starts listening already* I just hope my batteries don't run out while I'm out there. AAAnd, if they do.~ *pulls out bag* I have some money to go buy some more! Haha! No one can defeat Shuichi Shindou!

Yuuukiiii~ ♥ I'll see you later, okay? I'd go and say goodbye to you now but I don't wnat to bug you or anything since you're working. *laughs* That and I'm not even sure which room you're in. Oh well! Bye, Yuki, I love you!

Edit: *grins* I spelt want wrong. Silly me. *want ^-^ I guess it happens, though.~


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Woo first post! [26 Nov 2005|03:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This journal thingie is weird. But I don't care! I saw that Yuki had one and then I got one, toooo~!

I wish Hiro would come around more. :( He's up and dissappeared somewhere. *sigh* Oh well! ^_^ He'll come around soon enough. He wouldn't abandon Bad Luck like that! What would he do without me, anyway? *laughs*

I think I'll write a song soon! I haven't written one in a while. I should stop slacking off and stuff. Besides, I have to prove to Yuki that I have talent. He knows I do! He's just trying to act all tough. ^__^ But I know he's really sweet on the inside!~

Okay~ I'm going to go now and... do stuff. Maybe I'll go see Yuki! ♥


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